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Vajra Alkaline RO

   Vitamin rich Alkaline RO Water Purifiers

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Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner

Ozone:- A Green Technology! Nature’s Own Cleaner!

Ozone is one of the World’s Powerful Sterilizing Agents. Domestic Ozone generator keeps you & your family away from pollution. Enjoy a fresh & Clean life.

Ozone for Food & Water purification 

1. Water purification - decomposition of organic impurities in water, heavy metals, de colour dispels the chlorine, removes smell in the tap water, deactivates all kinds of bacteria and virus.  

2. Degeneration - vegetable and fruit agriculture residues surface, the chemical fertilizer, kill all kinds of bacteria, virus.

3. Decomposition of various artificially hormones and antibiotics of meat, and eliminate the odour. Remove of the smell of fish, shellfish, seafood odour, decomposition of artificial hormones and adds antibiotics.

4. Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware, kitchenware. Disinfect indoor smell and eliminates the harmful bacteria and virus.




Did You Know?

Most alkalizing foods are plant foods, which makes them excellent food choice when you’re eating for energy. Therefore, eating energizing, alkaline foods simply means you’re eating more fruits and vegetables.